Dark Purple Daisy Flower…..$5.00

I just love our Daisy magnets and the Dark Purple is one of my favorites; since purple is my favorite color. Just think how beautiful it would look to have one or more of our Dark Purple Daisy Magnets on your refrigerator at home, your filing cabinet at work, or add it to one of our Welcome Y’all or Love is the Best Ingredient metal signs for that extra special touch. It is a great touch of color for fall or winter. You could even add it to a gift as a special embellishment. It could also be used to add a little extra something to your lampshades; just use the included extra magnet to attach to the lampshade by sandwiching the lampshade between the two magnets. We use a strong round ceramic magnet to allow for a firm hold.

Size: Approximately 4.25 inches X 4.25 inches