Southern Cuddlebugs…The Name

After the vision of Southern Cuddlebugs came about we needed a name.  What were we going to call this new venture we wanted to start upon?  Let’s see….Andy calls Jane his “Pineapple” and her favorite color is purple, so what about Purple Pineapple.  Well, after some research there were already too many different Purple Pineapples out there.  So let us think, Jane was born and raised in the south; so let us include something about her Southern roots.  How about, Southern Purple Pineapple or Southern Pineapple?  No, those didn’t work either.  Then one morning our three girls came for their morning snuggles and as always Jane called them her “Cuddlebugs”.  And so was born the idea of the Southern Cuddlebugs name in honor of our three precious cuddlebugs.

The Southern Cuddlebugs Logo

After the name was decided on it was time to design our logo.  The first thing that comes to mind, after our girls, when we hear the word cuddlebugs is a ladybug; therefore, our logo had to include a ladybug of some kind.  Of course these weren’t just any kind of ladybugs; these are a special type….they are Cuddlebugs.  This is why the spots on their backs aren’t just circles, but hearts.  They also had to be pink, blue, and purple in honor of our Cuddlebugs’ favorite colors.  The pink Cuddlebug is the largest to represent our oldest girl, blue is the medium size for our middle girl, and purple is the smallest for our youngest girl.  Look closely at the “S” in our name; do you  see the heart?

Avianna Mae Custom Sign

Our Avianna Mae custom sign was created as a baby shower gift. Avianna’s great-grandmother ordered the sign in celebration of the pending birth of her first great-granddaughter. It is such a blessing that Southern Cuddlebugs was able to share a small part in such an important event in the life of this family.

Vintage Tractor Shirt

Our Vintage Tractor Shirt design came about because of a birthday gift for Jane’s dad.  He worked as an Electronic Engineer full-time and farmed part time.  Her father was a full-time farmer.  Needless to say, farming is in his blood and he is happiest when he is on his tractor.  One of his favorite tractors he has is a 1937 John Deere that belonged to his grandfather.  Therefore, when Jane was trying to figure out the perfect gift for his 75th birthday, the Vintage Tractor shirt design was born.

Raised on Sweet Tea & Jesus

Raised on Sweet Tea and Jesus…this is the story of my childhood.  There wasn’t many Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, or Wednesday nights that went by that you wouldn’t find us in  church.  Also, it was highly unusual not to find a pitcher of sweet tea in our fridge.  However, the best sweet tea was found in the old metal pitcher in my Grommy’s fridge.  There was just something about the tea in that pitcher that was extra sweet and there wasn’t a time that you would stop by her house and not find it full and ready to enjoy.

Grace, Hope, Faith Magnet

So you may be wondering; why does our magnet say “Grace, Hope, Faith” instead of the tradition “Faith, Hope, Love” quote from 1 Corinthians 13:13?  Well, it is a very simple reason.  Grace, Hope, and Faith are the middle names of our 3 precious Cuddlebugs; therefore, it was created in their honor.